A highly sought after licensed esthetician, product formulator and international speaker and educator, Wendei Melnick Smith is the founder of Peace of Mind Naturals skin care and the owner of Peace of Mind Skin & Body Care in Studio City, California, a boutique wellness center specializing in corrective facial skin care, anti-aging strategies and wellness treatments. 

She began formulating her own organic skin care line over 7 years ago when her expanding clientele of people living with cancer revealed the need for more natural non-toxic products to help them with the side effects related to their various treatments. This led to the birth of Peace of Mind Naturals.

In 2016 she became fascinated with the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD oil derived from hemp and even travelled to Colorado to visit a lab owned by a man dubbed "the King of Hemp."  She was excited to learn about the skin rejuventating properties of this magical oil and began the process of formulating a serum for the skin. 

At the end of 2016 this work was abruptly put on hold when Wendei's own immune system crashed and it was apparent to her and her doctor that something was terribly wrong. In the beginning of 2017 she was diagnosed with her own chronic illness, late stage Lyme Disease. As part of her treatment for this sometimes deadly disease that creates dangerous levels of inflammation in the body including the skin, she drastically changed her diet to reduce the inflammation in her body. 

She returned to researching the multitude of benefits of CBD oil derived from hemp as many patients suffering were using this to help with the aches and pains associated with Lyme Disease. Wendei began experimenting on herself and found that topical application of the oil substantially reduced the horrible pain she experienced in her muscles and joints. She also began taking it orally to reduce the high levels of inflammation in her body as well as anxiety. This led her to formulate her first CBD oil based product Relief Balm followed by oral drops and then her favorite go-to skin care product OM Oil.

Featured in the New York Times and Day Spa Magazine, Wendei is considered a go-to authority on esthetics across the country. In addition to being a licensed esthetician for more than 23 years, she's certified in Oncology Esthetics and educates other estheticians nationwide about health challenged skin.