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Oncology & Lyme Esthetics

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Oncology & Lyme Esthetics

This live online course provides in-depth training designed for qualified professionals who offer customized esthetic treatments to clients living with Cancer and Lyme disease.

This is an intensive one-day 8 hour course, 10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time. The curriculum is substantial. There will be a working lunch to facilitate maximum learning, with ample time  throughout for questions and interaction with the Instructor Wendei Melnick Smith. Two short breaks are planned and will be timed to suit group needs.

Course Date: July 12, 2020

Course Fee: $250 in advance

Course delivery is via ZOOM. Once your registration has been validated, you will receive log-in instructions and 2 reminder emails.

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Curriculum Highlights:

  • Understanding Oncology & Lyme And Ways They Parallel: An overview of cancer and Lyme research and information, including the origins of cancer in the cells, cancer types, cancer & Lyme statistics and possible risks.
  • Sources of transmission for Lyme Disease and how genetics factor in
  • Lyme Co-Infections, Mold Illness and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome – why these matter, how do they affect our patient/client and how can we create safe environments and treatments.
  • Surgery: What are the most common procedures and their side effects? What are the necessary treatment modifications and safety considerations when treating a client/patient with cancer or Lyme and other adjunct illnesses in a clinical or spa setting? 
  • Cancer Treatments – Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation – how do they work and what are their side effects? How can we as professionals play a part in helping our clients/patients manage side effects while still feeling pampered?
  • The different stages of Lyme Disease and how the bacteria morphs Understanding spirochete, cysts, biofilms and persister cells.
  • Symptoms from Borrelia and co-infections like Bartonella, Babesia and
  • Mold Disease and MCAS
  • Hormone Deficiencies
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Additional Instruction Designed to Enhance Effective Client Support 

  • Post or Untreated Lyme Disease Syndrome
  • Current conventional and unconventional testing and care
  • Antibiotic therapy - understanding the use and overuse and their danger
  • Integrative Care for both Cancer & Lyme Disease
  • Salon/Spa Management of Medical Devices
  • Ingredients in Skin Care and why do they matter – how to choose products for both treatments and home use
  • The psychological ramifications of living with deadly diseases like Cancer and Lyme and how we can support our clients/patients.
  • Spa Services for Cancer & Lyme Patients – how to modify massage and choose products
  • Skin Check Your Client During Services
  • Client Lifestyle Change Recommendations i.e. nutrition, non-toxic living and EMF/RF
  • Knowing Our Limitations
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